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Quality Work

Our firm prides itself on the quality of its work. We only use quality cables, connectors and equipment as well as suitably qualified technicians to terminate cables and install equipment. Because of this we can't always offer you the lowest price, but we will always offer you the best value for money. Being experienced engineers and technicians we know what it takes to build a system that will work well for you over a period of several years, and depending on the type of system, often with little or no maintenance. We sometimes find that we miss out on jobs because our quote wasn't the lowest, fair enough, you can't win them all, but we also often get a call six months later asking us to come and rectify a poor quality installation for the very same jobs.

Competitve Pricing

Having said that, we find that when we come up against nationwide and/or multinational firms when tendering or quoting for projects, our pricing is extremely competitive as we just don't have same overheads as they do. We do all of our own engineering and installation in house, and with the exception of a few highly specialized services, we do not sub-contract work out to other firms. You have direct access to the people who design and install your new system. Our commitment to quality and safety is highlighted in the implementation of both Quality Assurance and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Our History

Grace Electronics was established on the Gold Coast in 1971 by Roy Grace. Before starting our firm, Roy earned his engineering qualifications in the Australian Army Signal Corps. During this time he was stationed overseas in Laos, Malaya and Singapore. Before leaving the army in 1966, Roy was the Foreman of Signals in charge of our largest Military Communications Workshop. Following this he trained in the United States for the Space Tracking Industry and work with NASA as a Microwave Communications Specialist during the time of the Apollo and Applications Technology Satellite (ATS) space programs. In the firm's earlier years Roy specialized in Background Music, Intercom, Marine Electronics, Public Address and Two-Way Radio installations.


Times, technologies and markets change and as that has happened over the past 30 years our firm has evolved and expanded into new fields including at first Closed Circuit Television and later Information Technology Systems. During the 1980's and 90's our firm was responsible for the design and installation of many of the Audio-Visual Systems installed into some of Queensland's leading International Hotels, Resorts and Shopping Centres. During this era the firm displayed its ability to handle large projects, no doubt in part a result of Roy's experience during his time in the Military and with the Space Tracking Industry. It was also during the early 1990's that I joined the firm following my completion of a Business Degree Majoring in Accounting and Marketing.

Our Company Today

Although I found the areas that I majored in during my years of study at university interesting, I genuinely enjoy working with computers and electronic systems. In my first years with the company I spent most of my time "on the tools" learning about the different types systems that our firm installs. My current responsibilities with the firm include Marketing and Project Management. Through our association with the Gold Coast City Council in developing their Safety Camera Network, it has been necessary for me to gain the Information Technology skills now necessary to make a large Closed Circuit Television System work from a Central Monitoring Room via ADSL, Ethernet, ISDN and Microwave Links to several remote locations.


Anthony Grace.